Biography and credo

Vidal comes from a sheep ranching family of welsh origin. The  surroundings of the childhood region, the rough, coarse nature he grew up with, were the main reason he wanted, to the disbelief and disappointment of his father, to study painting.

He finally did and got right away embraced, as he puts it, by abstract expressionism. Free, unrestrained expression, art not subjected to any particular compositional rigor reflects the freedom of mountain planes. Vidal creates colorful patches, lines and patterns, lets the drama dominate his work by using color as a strong element. He describes his paintings as: Sensual Ethereal Metaphysical Amorphous Fleeting Personal Variables.

He never thought of taking over the family farm, his younger brother finally did. He studied and now lives most of the year in Lima but occasionally goes back to mountains, for to the views of the Andes and to see his siblings.

During the fifteen years of his artistic search Vidal’s  works evolved in a continuous process from expressive representations strongly dependent on primitive art to new aesthetics of creating images. His is a sense of depth achieved through a variety of textures yielding an almost sculptural form. At the moment, he concentrates on alternating and mixes traditional and modern techniques by combining action images with a bold calligraphic style. His graphics are highly physical, joyful and interpretive. Large format goes hand in hand with easels and oil paints. In his art, he definitely stays away from smooth and flowing,  staccato and rhythmic. His acrylic paintings are made of many interacting layers resulting in a surprising artifact.