Vidal Toreyo

A painter whose fantastically colorful amorphic compositions result from the fascination with nature. Vidal Toreyo enters into the discussion with the viewer whether what our brain recognizes in the paintings is what the author intended. It shows that everyone has the right to interpret the picture in their own way, does not put any restrictions on the interpreter. Vidal Toreyo describes his painting as: Sensual Sensual Ethereal Metaphysical Amorphous Fleeting Personal Variables.

During the fifteen years of artistic search for his search, they evolved in a continuous process from expressive representations strongly dependent on primitive art. This led to a new aesthetics of creating images. It creates a sense of depth through a variety of textures. At the moment, he paints alternately and mixes traditional and modern techniques, combines in the continuous research and development of aesthetic painting.

Vidal Toreyo is fascinated by the idea of ​​revealing what is not visible. He’s looking for what’s underneath. The result is an abstract and random image regarding experimentation and exploration. He paints almost exclusively with acrylic on various surfaces. Discovering the selection of non-traditional painting tools. Images are achievable with a sense of depth and sculptural form. The unique technique combines the action image with a bold calligraphic style. The graphics are highly physical, gesture, joyful and interpretive. Large format are partners with easels and oil paints.

In Vidal Toreyo art, he differs from smooth and flowing and staccato and rhythmic. His acrylic paintings are made of many layers. Each layer interacts with the one in front of it. When adding the texture, color and complexity of lead, the end result is a surprising artifact.