Abstract paintings of EMERGENCY

EMERGENCY – abstract painting

Vidal Toreyo practices abstract painting by definition and belief. Even though he sometimes speaks of his paintings as still lifes, they are far from reflecting typical objects. Abstract painting in its essence and areas of inspiration, does not reflect the subject directly. All elements of technical painting, such as rhythm, color, contrast, value, are used to communicate the content indirectly. Vidal Toreyo creates his own individual world description system. He presents his intentions in the form of an image …

By practicing abstract painting, Vidal selects from the catalog of his tools of communication and means of expression those that best convey emotions. As an idea, what distinguishes abstract painting from non-abstract art is the lack of a realistic presentation of objects. They can appear as a topic, a pretext for creating a work. But they don’t dominate, they don’t appropriate perception. In Toreyo’s paintings, no object is unambiguous.

Is abstracion a haos?

How to evaluate abstract painting? Vidal Toreyo says: “Yes, you can judge if a picture is good. But you have to study a million beforehand. ” So, not everyone can judge a work of art quite well. At first glance, it may seem that abstract art is one great chaos, in which masterpieces are mixed with random effects, stains created by painters aspiring to be creators. What counts, however, is a unique approach to art, searching for your own way, and the ability to translate a concept into a specific work.

In terms of meaning, abstract art can cover anything. These are both emotions and considerations of social problems. An also philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These may be topics of interest to the author, about which he usually does not talk directly. Vidal Toreyo creates very consistently. Each series of paintings has a clear idea. It is preceded by studies. Sketches, notes are a process that accompanies a creative artist.