EMERGENCY series of artworks on paper

EMERGENCY artworks on paper

The artist presented paintings from the EMERGENCY series artworks on paper. These were artworks on paper that had been created in the last few months. The exhibition took place in the IAXAI Gallery. There were four rooms for the exhibition. 

The exhibition started with an opening. The invited journalists, art critics and architects, interior designers came to the meeting with the artist. There were also many art lovers among the visitors to the exhibition on the opening day.

Vidal is interested in painting inspired by surrealism and non-geometric abstraction. He creates his own, intimate version of abstract painting. His artworks on paper excels at exposing the metaphor. Sometimes he shifts towards the grotesque. That allows him to get a special, intimate atmosphere of his performances. This kind of perversity, even provocation.

At first glance, abstract painting may seem like one big chaos. Incomprehensible chaos and no thought. Those unfamiliar with this method of painting associate it with random stains, thoughtless arrangements. All the technical elements that he uses, such as rhythm, contrast, value, are used to communicate content indirectly. That allowed him to create my own individual world description system.

Technique of painting

Emotional visualism is a very unique variety of abstraction. Vidal Toreyo uses technical effects in his artworks on paper. Applies deep dark, matte fragments. Elements of the painting with thick paint, with an expressive drawing. Others, covered with thin glass varnish, emit intense reflections – the color covered with them disappears and the reflected light appears. 

Additionally, delicate surfaces have their own unique color. The unique painting technique used by the artist when viewed closely creates the impression of depth and vibrating movement. Toreyo offers us a living abstraction image that is in constant interaction with the viewer and that is constantly changing. These artworks on paper belong to the trend of emotional abstract painting. Influencing the viewers' senses and emotions is very important.