H+BODIES big abstract paintins

Vidal Toreyo paints dynamic canvases, going beyond the conventions of the art of emotional expressionism. Images from the „New Mutations” series are a double mutation. In the process of painting, they change from the initial random form in the direction designed by the artist. Vidal adds more elements and more layers. The viewed images change depending on the viewing angle. Metallic surfaces, structures on canvas – they mutate when viewed from different perspectives. This is the result of the materials used and the effects of light reflection on glossy and textured surfaces. Vidal Toreyo amuses us with mutations, showing that everything around us is constantly changing. In this way, the artist presents a unique approach to emotional expressionism.

Vidal paints in the style of Emotional Expressionism. A characteristic feature is presenting the world only from a subjective perspective, radically distorting it. In this way, the artist achieves emotional effects to evoke moods or ideas.

Vidal’s works evolved in a continuous process from expressive representations heavily dependent on primitive art to a new aesthetics of creating images of emotional expressionism. The effects of depth are achieved through a variety of textures that give an almost sculptural form. It focuses on transformation and combining traditional and modern techniques, combining action images with a bold calligraphy style. New mutations are highly physical, joyful, and emotional.