H+BODIES emotional expressionism

Vidal Toreyo, an emotional expressionism

Vidal Toreyo is a designer by education and an art historian by passion. He started his professional career with design and a fascination with postmodernism. At the same time he was painting. Painting prevailed, and a passion for studying materials led him to matter painting and emotional expressionism. He lives in a small town by the sea, where he creates quietly and deals with Japanese maples.

In his work, he focuses on the structure of materials. Experiments with paints, binders and pigments. Vidal loves to create landscapes expressively reflecting weight and movement. The shapes and forms he uses are intended to reflect basic emotional experiences. Emotional expressionism in his performance is free and full of imagination.

Vidal Toreyo’s paintings are thick layers of structures and rich textures. The surface acquires a unique beauty thanks to the sophisticated drawing and subtle colors. Various materials mixed with acrylic binder are his favorite material.

In his works, the artist narrowed down the alphabet of forms he is using to just a few. He applies them gently and in moderation. Therefore he is able to convey a variety of tensions and emotions, as described in the theory of emotional expressionism.

His works are simple. The limited palette of forms and colors is to emphasize the idea of ​​each painting. The artist wants to speak in a simple and direct way. The fewer forms used, the stronger the painting conveys the artist’s vision. Vidal is a nature painter. He is not trying to imitate nature. He creates fully abstract works, suggesting the studied topic in the series titles. Emotional Expressionism in the works of Toreyo is directly focused on the emotional response of the artist to the real world.