Interview with Vidal Toreyo – EMERGENCY abstract painting

You emphasize very emphatically, even emotionally, that „by assumption and belief” you do abstract painting.

Vidal Toreyo: Yes, my paintings are far from being typical objects. Abstract painting does not show the subject directly. All the technical elements that I use, such as rhythm, contrast, value, are used to communicate content indirectly. That allowed me to create my own individual world description system.

Emotional, indirect description system?

Vidal Toreyo: Well put, yes. When practicing abstract painting, I choose the means that best reflect emotions. I don’t paint objects, but moods and feelings. Realistic painting depicts objects that dominate and appropriate the viewers' perception. I want to give viewers the right to interpret. But I’m not going to force them to interpret it either, I rather encourage them!

Is abstract painting only for „insiders”? Such „difficult” painting, difficult to understand?

Vidal Toreyo: At first glance, abstract painting may seem like one big chaos. Incomprehensible chaos and no thought. Those unfamiliar with this method of painting associate it with random stains, thoughtless arrangements. What counts for me is a unique approach to art, a search for my own formula to tell what fascinates me.

In terms of meaning, abstract painting can cover anything. These are both emotions and my reflections on social problems, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These are topics that are of interest to me. Each new series of my paintings has a clear idea. It is preceded by studies. Sketches, notes are a process that accompanies my painting.

There is something above or beyond abstract painting in your works. Is my thinking going in the right direction?

Vidal Toreyo: Yes, you are on the right track! I am interested in painting inspired by surrealism and non-geometric abstraction. I create my own, intimate version of abstract painting. My painting excels at exposing the metaphor. Sometimes I shift towards the grotesque. I would like my works to radiate ironic pathos. That allows me to get a special, intimate atmosphere of my performances. This kind of perversity, even provocation.

You experiment with colors, it catches the eye!

Vidal Toreyo: That’s what I mean. Pictures from the EMERGENCY series attract the eye with their bold colors. I experimented a lot with colors. I would like them to charm the viewer. I would like viewers to feel amazed at the power of expression.

You allow your painting to enter the path of a certain intimacy. Is it you?

Vidal Toreyo: What I paint is just my intimate diary. Of course. While painting, I write down my experiences and memories. While working on a painting, various fragments, crumbs and impressions of memories constantly mix. This is probably why my paintings have such a strong emotional effect. The viewer feels it and it allows him to experience my pictures emotionally.