NEW MUTATIONS 105×150, informel abstraction

Change surrounds us. Change is a permanent process. We don’t know what it will lead to, we don’t know what it will look like tomorrow. Vidal Toreyo paints dynamic canvases, going beyond informel conventions and action painting. The paintings from the New Mutations series are the result of mutations, distorting the initial form in the direction designed by the artist. From general to detail, from the whole to the detail, Vidal adds more elements. They differ in texture, texture, color – they mutate when viewed from different perspectives. This is the result of the materials used and the effects of light reflection on matt and glossy, flat and textured surfaces.

Vidal’s  works evolved in a continuous process from expressive representations strongly dependent on primitive art to new aesthetics of informel art. His is a sense of depth achieved through a variety of textures yielding an almost sculptural form. At the moment, he concentrates on alternating and mixes traditional and modern techniques by combining action images with a bold calligraphic style. His informel graphics are highly physical, joyful and interpretive. Large format goes hand in hand with easels and oil paints. In his art, he definitely stays away from smooth and flowing,  staccato and rhythmic. His acrylic paintings are made of many interacting informel layers resulting in a surprising artifact.