NEW MUTATIONS – an exhibition of abstract painting series

The IAXAI Brain Embassy Art Gallery has once again organized an exhibition of the Vidal Toreyo abstract painting series. The works from the NEW MUTATIONS series were presented in the gallery’s exhibition rooms.

The exhibition began with an opening, which was visited in large numbers by art professionals and journalists. The artist gave several interviews, explaining the idea of ​​the presented series of abstract painting.
The gallery has allocated 4 rooms for the NEW MUTATIONS exhibition. The viewers, moving between the individual ones, had the opportunity to compare works from different phases of the cycle’s creation.

The art gallery for the vernissage invited renowned art critics, curators and collectors. A significant number of collectors were institutional collectors and architects, interior designers looking for work for office interiors and public spaces. Such a large group of designers results from the close cooperation of the gallery with designers. They look for painting cycles to decorate offices, restaurants, hotels and other buildings.

The gallery has been active in the art market for several years. During his exhibitions, he combines exhibitions of ambitious painting, unique graphics and abstract photography. Such a broad spectrum of art disciplines encourages viewers to visit frequently and participate in vernissages.

Another distinguishing feature of the gallery’s activity is the presentation of the sugar of abstract painting. The curators cooperating with the gallery emphasize the importance of such exhibitions. They allow you to better understand abstract art.

In terms of meaning, abstract painting can cover anything. These are both emotions and my reflections on social problems, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These are topics that are of interest to Vidal Toreyo. Each new series of his paintings has a clear idea.