Vidal Toreyo painting technique – SENSORY TOTEMS series

Vidal Toreyo Painting technique

The painting technique is a key element of Vidal Toreyo’s work. In the way of painting, the most important thing for the artist is the matter and the expressionist color that adds drama. Everything from beginning to end is a process. The image is created in layers. Each brushstroke increases tension and emanates emotions. The artist wants this tension to last. He wants to pass it on to viewers.

Toreyo uses his painting technique very consciously. He creates calmly and consistently. The picture sounds and resonates. It actually becomes music. The artist builds a picture as if he were composing a piece of music. However, Toreyo is not a synesthetist. He loves music, especially jazz. Music is always present in his studio. Vidal’s work does not consist in weaving any specific music into his pictures. Music inspires him with its abstraction and its lyrical form.

Alla prima painting

The artist paints alla prima. He does not pose any patch of color, nor a line on a temporary basis. Each gesture, each brush movement is a record of the history of the painting’s creation. It is applied in a painting with the thought that it will stay there. Toreyo doesn’t repaint or change his works. He works like a musician from start to finish. The played chord resonates and stays in the picture permanently. The artist’s painting technique requires resoluteness and precision. Thanks to this, the works are spontaneously fresh and radiate naturalness.

Drawing is very important in Toreyo’s painting technique. It plays a huge role in building a composition. It gives the image a clear and unambiguous form. The artist uses a flexible line, marked with the unique character of his own style. The way of drawing is dominated by Toreyo’s painting technique. It sets the shape of surreal compositions, thus fitting the trend of lyrical abstraction practiced by the painter.