X-PERIENCE Opus B abstract art

Vidal Toreyo X-PERIENCE abstract art

What lives in abstract art is very difficult to define. It is a part of the artist’s soul. It is a conversation through very intimate and private messages. Vidal Toreyo uses abstract art to encourage reflection and experimenting with non-representative painting.

X-PERIENCE is a series of images that show what can be achieved with very simple materials. The artist uses color and light to build a multi-threaded story. Each of the pictures refers to something elusive, does not pretend or simulate to be a photography or a naturalistic presentation of the subject.

Vidal Toreyo’s works from the X-PERIENCE series reduce images to elementary lines and shapes, examining the contrast of light and shadow. The artist uses a variety of painting techniques and paint application processes. He is also testing other unusual materials, such as aluminum foil, metallic pigments, fluorescent paints. He is looking to discover new forms of dialogue with the viewer.

About Toreyo abstract art

In his abstract art, the artist presents thoughts about the loss of meaning and reality. It focuses on ephemerality and transience. His works seem to be part of the infinite. They persist in their fragmentary nature like cut-out parts of the whole. They seem recognizable as basic elements, cells, tissues, plexuses. Each painting has limited components, colors and drawing of abstract forms. Modest materials carry an important message. Momentum, detachment from changes, tensions and contrasts.

They are meant to be a moment of awareness built by a flash of sensory experience evoked by colors and forms. The reference to the word „experience”, a momentary experience, indicates the artist’s motivation. X refers to X-ray or X-ray scanning that sees what is invisible. X-rays are used to visualize the internal structure of objects. In this case – the structure of the artist’s emotions.